AMDP nGauge Programmer

AM Diesel Performance Inc.

  • $1,199.00 CAD

AMDP nGauge Programmer

The nGauge is the fastest flashing and most comprehensive monitor on the market for your 6.7L Powerstroke! Monitor up to 6 different parameters at a time such as Boost, EGT, Fuel Rail Pressure, Transmission Temperature and VGT!

Power Level 2011 - 2014 2015 - 2019
Heavy Tow 10HP 30HP
Tow 50HP 75HP
Street 80HP 130HP
Performance 110HP 180HP


150HP 230HP


Idle Sound: The sound of the exhaust while idling can be changed by commanding the VGT turbo open for the Rumble idle or closed for the Whistle idle.

Low Boost Fueling: Standard Low Boost Fueling is recommended for daily driving and towing. Increased Low boost fueling increases the amount of fuel injected at lower RPM/Boost which results in more low end power.

Shift Points: Standard Shift Points is recommended for fuel economy. Raised shift points hold each gear longer and aids in throttle response and engine/exhaust braking.


  • AMDP nGauge Programmer
  • OBD2 Cable
  • Suction Cup Mount
  • SD Card Adapter
  • SD Card Removal Tool
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual