Archoil Fuel Modification Complex, 16oz

Archoil Fuel Modification Complex, 16oz



  • $124.95 CAD

AR6200-16 (8 oz treats 1280 Gallon of Diesel or Gas)

AR6200 contains a dispersant to stabilize and maintain fuel in storage. Fuel oils repolymerize as soon as they are refined. Polymerization forms submicronic particles, as the process continues particles become larger and larger agglomerating into a macroscopic sludge that plugs the filters and injectors. AR6200 disperses existing macroscopic sludge and retards further repolymerzation enabling more efficient combustion.

AR6200 will extend the life of fuel for years, a vital benefit for emergency generator systems. AR6200's advanced chemistry package also includes; lubricants to protect the injectors and pump, a critical component for today's low lubricity ULSD fuels; a biocide that effectively eliminates a broad spectrum of microorganisms; a corrosion inhibitor to protect key systems; detergents to maintain clean lines, filters and atomizers; and a demulsifier to separate accumulated water.

AR6200 is already in use worldwide in a wide array of applications including transportation fleets, furnaces, ships, mining equipment, power plants, generators, etc. It is the singular fuel treatment for addressing all the limitations of today's fuel products.

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